“With Chips”

Okay! This is the second and final strip celebrating the tenth birthday of Club Comicana Vamporama. It’s also the last new J&M strip to go on here for a while, probably, as I’m working on Club Vamporama #1, an actual PRINT comic. The cover is finished; I might post a preview sometime.

Starting next week or the week after soon eventually, my regular weekly Webcomics will begin! And I’ll be offering you ways to support this too. Details need to be ironed out. More later, etc. Hope you enjoy the comic… it’s a hint of things to come…

With Chips

Art: Yez Truly; Script: LizzyB

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5 thoughts on ““With Chips””

  1. Having seen the terrific (and disturbingly erotic) cover illustration you produced, I’d suggest you only preview the b&w version, That way, folks can look forward to seeing the full TechnicolorTM spectacular when they buy a copy.

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